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Our Curriculum of Connections (Minus Plato)


“Our Curriculum of Connections” is an online contribution by Minus Plato to “Theorizing Africana Receptions,” the first Eos workshop at the Society for Classical Studies Annual Meeting in 2019. In this series of blog posts, Minus Plato discusses the Eos workshop in connection with a special issue of the magazine Contemporary And (C&): Platform for International Art from African Perspectives. Minus Plato articulates approaches to classical pedagogy and research that are grounded in a ‘curriculum of connections,’ rather than an extension of the colonial model of a symbolic cultural debt to ancient Greece.

You can find the complete series here.

Minus Plato is written by Richard Fletcher, formerly an Associate Professor in the Department of Classics at Ohio State University and now an Associate Professor in the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy at Ohio State University.

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